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Machinery Moving Services

Irvine Machinery Movers can dismantle and move large machinery for industrial and commercial purposes. We are experienced in the major industries including printing, construction, manufacturing, and we work with CNC Shop owners to move their equipment safely and professionally.

Consider us as an experienced small company ally with a fleet of three rigs, five experienced riggers, and a friendly staff always here to answer your calls for quotes on our services. Our company has grown into the top machinery movers in the industry. We proudly stand behind our name with a fleet of state-of-the-art equipment and vehicles for large heavy equipment transportation assignments. We look forward to working with your business to provide excellent service and to rig and haul your heavy machinery, we can help.

Laboratory Equipment Moving

We can provide you the most modern equipment available for the transportation of large loads and heavy equipment for your business relocation. We have served the scientific and medical industries with sensitive moves for over twenty years.

We can create customized plans and shipping solutions to protect your laboratory equipment from motion, light, moisture, and get it safely to where you need it most. We can handle entire laboratory relocation assignments.


Irvine Machinery Movers is a leader in the business transportation and hauling industry, we design customized business transportation solutions anywhere in Southern California, and across the United States. We have a modern fleet of heavy haulers, trucks, forklifts, and high capacity cranes equipped with air-ride technology for a smooth ride.

Jim Salazar is your partner in rigging and hauling heavy equipment, machine removals, machinery transportation, oversized load hauling, and turnkey facility relocation. Our massive heavy haulers can move large industrial and commercial machines for your business move and our experienced staff ensures that no detail is overlooked during the entire process.

Machine Assembly/Disassembly

We specialize in providing you complete and hassle free machinery moving, rigging, machine assembly and disassembly offsite or onsite. We are familiar with heavy machinery in a diverse range of industries we have serviced over our 20 years of operations in Irvine, Santa Ana, Lakewood, Mission Viejo, and all of Orange County.

Our company offers complete turn key relocation solutions for your business moving needs, whether it is a single machine or an entire plant operation. Irvine Machinery Movers can disassemble, move, and reassemble any machine for your business operations.


Our specialized fleet of modern hauling trucks and vehicles can handle your business relocation project. We have a fleet of modern heavy haulers, high capacity cranes and forklifts, as well as auxiliary vehicles and partners that can facilitate your move. We arrange all the permits and escorts and support needed for each move. Our onsite consultants will help you plan and execute a customized plan for rigging and hauling your heavy equipment.

We are a leading heavy haul specialist company with over 20 years experience serving small and large businesses with their machinery moving and plant relocation needs.

Turn-Key Facility Relocation

We specialize in the relocation of machines and support systems for manufacturing and industrial plants of all types. Whether you are opening, closing, or relocating a facility, moving a production line, or need to rig and move heavy equipment to a new location, we help you with the packing, rigging, and hauling of everything from single machines to entire factories and  turnkey plant relocations.

We have helped businesses relocate their production and turkey facility manufacturing plants, construction sites, and entire operations for over 20 years. Let Irvine Machinery Movers help you plan and execute your next business move or heavy machine relocation project.

Custom Crating and Packaging

We have offered our clients many customized packing and crating solutions since 1990. We take on special projects requiring considerations for sensitivity to light, temperature, and designed shock absorbent packaging solutions for fragile laboratory equipment. We use the industry's best practices and modern equipment to pack and ship your heavy machinery.

We offer our clients many customized packing and crating solutions. We take on projects requiring special considerations for sensitivity to light, temperature, and designed shock absorbent packaging solutions for fragile laboratory and digital equipment.


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